Sen. Rand Paul Harassed by ‘Angry Mob of Over 100’ Outside the White House after RNC

A crowd of protestors harassed Senator Rand Paul (R., Ky.) on Thursday night as he left the White House, where President Donald Trump had just delivered his nomination acceptance speech on the last night of the Republican National Convention.

Videos circulating online appear to show a large group of protestors crowding the Kentucky Republican and his wife while shouting “Breonna Taylor,” “Say her name” and “No justice, no peace” as they walk down the street.

Police formed a wall between the protestors and the couple as they walked back to their hotel. Video appears to show a protestor shoving a police officer, nearly knocking him down. Paul reaches out to steady the officer.

“Just got attacked by an angry mob of over 100, one block away from the White House,” Paul tweeted after the incident. “Thank you to @DCPoliceDept for literally saving our lives from a crazed mob.”

As President Trump prepared to give his speech from the South Lawn on Thursday night, hundreds of protestors gathered outside the White House, yelling “No justice, no peace” and “Join us.”

Protestors, many of whom held anti-Trump and Black Lives Matter signs and beat drums, could be heard from the South Lawn.

The Pauls were not the only attendees of Trump’s speech that protestors harassed: video by the Daily Caller appears to show protestors shouting expletives at other attendees exiting Trump’s speech. Police officers appeared to provide security for these guests as well.

Paul’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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