Trump: ‘China Is Working Hard to Get Biden Elected’

In an interview that aired Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “The Next Revolution,” President Donald Trump warned that “China is working hard” to get Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden elected.

Trump told host Steve Hilton that China “owns” Biden and will “own our country” with Biden in the White House.

“We will look back for the last three and a half years — I’m the only one that ever took on China. And you saw the intelligence reports where they show China is working hard to get Biden elected. If he gets elected, China will own our country,” Trump cautioned. “I have taken billions and billions, tens of billions of dollars in taxes out of China. I gave them to our farmers because they targeted, wrongly, our farmers. They thought that would put pressure on me. They could get whatever they wanted, so they target us. And it’s no good.”

“So, if you look at what we’ve done with China, nobody’s ever done to China what I have,” he added.

Hilton asked, “Are you going to be tougher in the next four years with China?”

“Look, I don’t want to set the world on fire right now … but I made a great deal with China. You see that,” Trump emphasized. “They’re buying billions and billions of dollars of, you know, manufactured goods but also our farmers — more than they’ve ever done. But, with all of that being said, it’s no longer the same to me. It’s no longer the same. There’s been no country that’s ripped us off more than China.”

Trump went on to float the possibility of decoupling with China “if they don’t treat us right.”

Hilton noted that Biden would never echo the sentiment of decoupling with China.

“China owns Joe Biden,” Trump replied. “His son got a billion and a half dollars — his son with no experience, no brain power, no anything, never did it. Not only Ukraine — he got hundreds of thousands of dollars a month from Ukraine and the three million dollar upfront payment. And then with China, he walks out with a billion and a half dollars to manage — that means millions of dollars a year in fees.”

“By the way, they own Joe Biden. They own him,” he continued. “And they want me to lose so badly — probably only Iran would be in the case where they would rather have me to lose even more than China.”