Huawei to Host CNN’s Van Jones for Panel on COVID ‘Misinformation’

Chinese telecom giant Huawei, currently facing charges of fraud, intellectual property theft, and racketeering, is featuring CNN host Van Jones on a panel to discuss the rise of coronavirus “misinformation” days before its temporary license to do business in the U.S. expires.

Huawei’s webinar, set to be hosted along with the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) on May 13, “will explore how journalists and leaders across industries can come together to fight against a unified enemy: COVID-19,” according to its registration page. Jones will be joined by musician, consultant Dr. Ebony Hilton, and journalist Roland Martin. The CCP has claimed in recent weeks that it is a “victim” of disinformation surrounding the origins of the pandemic, despite a detailed timeline showing its failures to address the initial outbreak in Wuhan.

Huawei, which has close ties to the Chinese Communist Party, has come under increasing scrutiny for its stealing of trade secrets from American competitors. The Department of Justice said in February that the firm has conducted a “decades-long” operation to “misappropriate intellectual property” from U.S. technology firms, while Trump administration claimed that Huawei has secretly accessed American cell phone data for over a decade.

In a speech at the Munich Security Conference in February House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) warned that “China is seeking to export its digital autocracy through its telecommunication giant Huawei.”

The DOJ said last month that it was emphasizing for all 94 federal prosecutors to focus on investigating and bringing cases related to Chinese efforts to steal American intellectual property. The Trump administration banned U.S. firms from doing business with Huawei in May 2019, but issued a temporary general license that is set to expire on May 15, in order to give companies time to decouple.

CNN, which has faced allegations of publishing Chinese propaganda, did not return a request for comment on whether Jones had been given the approval to join the panel.

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