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devblogs.microsoft.com › scripting › determineDetermine Pending Reboot Status—PowerShell Style! Part 2 ...

Jun 11, 2013 · Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is here. Today we have the conclusion to Brian Wilhite’s guest blog series about detecting pending reboots via Windows PowerShell. Prior to reading today’s post, you should read Determine Pending Reboot Status—PowerShell Style! Part 1. You can also check out Brian’s prior Hey

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The PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit can be used to replace your WiseScript, VBScript and Batch wrapper scripts with one versatile, re-usable and extensible tool. Features¶ Easy To Use – Any PowerShell beginner can use the template and the functions provided with the Toolkit to perform application deployments.

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www.autoitconsulting.com › site › scriptingGet the Current Script Directory in PowerShell, VBScript and ...

Oct 23, 2014 · Because I jump around various scripting languages all the time, I tend to forget the best way to do this and have to hunt for examples in old scripts. As a reference for myself this post gives the template for getting the current script directory in the languages I tend to use: PowerShell, VBScript and batch. Windows Batch

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www.velvetjobs.com › resume › sccm-administratorSccm Administrator Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs

Scripting (Powershell, VB Scripting) Develop and execute on plan for increasing overall desktop platform optimization and standardization Ensure operational excellence by managing the SCCM infrastructure and providing best practice Further develop and execute a plan on patch management

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dennisspan.com › scripting-the-complete-list-ofScripting the complete list of Citrix components with PowerShell

Did you ever wonder if scripting the complete list of Citrix components with PowerShell is possible? The answer is yes. This article offers a consolidated and complete overview of all Citrix plugins, components and agents and explains in detail how to install them with PowerShell.

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docs.microsoft.com › en-us › powershellMigrating from Windows PowerShell 5.1 to PowerShell 7 ...

Oct 22, 2021 · In the latest versions of Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019 and higher, the ISE is now a user-uninstallable feature. There are no plans to permanently remove the ISE. The PowerShell Team and its partners are focused on improving the scripting experience in the PowerShell extension for Visual Studio Code.

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jamesachambers.com › disabling-sccm-mdmDisable SCCM MDM Coexistence Mode (Unofficial Workaround)

Jul 09, 2020 · Published: July 9, 2020 / Last Modified: August 31, 2021 / Microsoft Windows, PowerShell, Scripting / 7 Comments Microsoft recently added a feature called MDM coexistence into SCCM. Basically this makes SCCM shut off most of it’s functionality when a third party MDM is detected on the machine.

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