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Are invite rewards allowed on discord?

Invite rewards goes against discord terms of service, and if you're running an invite reward discord server or you are inviting users to a server for rewards, stop it right now and stay safe.

You might get banned if you're doing this - Discord Support › en-us › community › posts › 1500001361042-You-...

Is invite rewards against discord TOS?

Invite rewards should be against the terms of service since all they do is promote spam. If you create a good server that provides a valuable experience, you shouldn't need to pay anyone to invite others.

Make Encouraging Spam Against TOS - Discord Support › en-us › community › posts › 360040483911-Make-...

What are invite rewards?

Thank you for reading! Invite Rewards for free Minecraft accounts, invite your friends and other people you know and be rewarded with it by getting free Minecraft accounts, to play on. There will be giveaways for other things including money, nitro and more.

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