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Quantum Computing Breakthrough in Computational Fluid Dynamics for Jet Engines Announced by NVIDIA, Rolls-Royce, and Classiq

NVIDIA, Rolls-Royce, and Classiq have announced a breakthrough in quantum computing aimed at enhancing the efficiency of jet engines. By utilizing NVIDIA's quantum computing platform, the companies have successfully designed and simulated the world's largest quantum computing circuit for computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This circuit consists of 39 qubits and reaches a depth of 10 million layers. Despite the current limitations of quantum computers, Rolls-Royce plans to employ this circuit to advance its research in CFD and model the performance of jet engine designs using a combination of classical and quantum computing methods. The collaboration between Rolls-Royce and Classiq, utilizing NVIDIA's A100 Tensor Core GPUs and cuQuantum software development kit, enables faster and larger-scale simulations for quantum computing workflows. NVIDIA's Grace Hopper Superchip, designed for quantum simulation workloads, further supports the integration of classical systems with quantum processors. The growing quantum ecosystem powered by NVIDIA GPUs also encompasses partnerships with research institutions like the Jülich Supercomputer Centre and QPU builder ORCA Computing, further advancing the field of quantum computing.

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