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In Mexico City, about 2 tons of 'Tesla' cocaine were discovered.

When police in Mexico City found 3,700 pounds of cocaine hidden in two tractor-trailers, they made a historic bust. Authorities have said that this seizure is the biggest of its kind in the whole country in the last 12 years. On the packages of the illegal cargo were stickers that looked like Tesla logos. This is a common way to show where the drugs came from along the illegal supply chain.

MCP Chief Omar Harfuch said at a news conference this week that police from Mexico City were able to stop two tractor trailers coming from Oaxaca.

Harfuch said that the drugs were being moved in secret compartments in two tractor trailers, and that a third vehicle was there to keep an eye on things.

Once the police stopped the tractor-trailers, they were able to find hundreds of bundles of cocaine.

The drugs had stickers on them with the Tesla logo, which could be seen in photos of the bust. Stickers with logos that have been stolen are often used to figure out where the drug cartel is from.

Harfuch said that the drugs came from Colombia and were brought to Mexico by boat through Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. They moved from there toward Mexico City.

“The initial reports that we have is that part of the shipment was going to stay here in Mexico City, specifically in the Tepito neighborhood,” Harfuch said.

The rest of the drugs were going to be sent to California and other places on the west coast of the United States.

Harfuch didn't say which cartel the shipment belonged to, but authorities say the group works in Sinaloa and Durango, which are usually controlled by Sinaloa Cartel. Sinaloa Cartel gunmen and Mexican police recently got into a big fight in Mexico City. After the fight, 14 Sinaloa Cartel gunmen were arrested and a belt-fed machine gun was taken from the gunmen.

“I want to remind the citizens that these operations are carried out with one objective and one objective only: to diminish the violence that these groups carry out in the city,” Harfuch said.


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