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The 22-year-old who killed the mall shooter is today's 'Hero'

Jim Ison, the police chief in Greenwood, Indiana, dubbed the 22-year-old who fatally shot a mall robber the 'hero of the day.'

"The real hero of the day is the citizen who was properly carrying a pistol in that food court and was able to halt the gunman practically as soon as he began," Ison was quoted by Reuters as saying.

Around 6 o'clock in the evening, according to Breitbart News, a suspect started shooting in the Greenwood Park Mall food court.

Gunfire at a shopping mall in Greenwood

Before a 22-year-old armed bystander intervened and shot the assailant dead, the attacker was able to kill three people.

According to the Associated Press, the attacker entered the mall with "a weapon and several magazines of ammo" and started firing.

The 22-year-old who killed the assailant was from Bartholomew County, said to Chief Ison, and "was legally carrying a pistol."

Gunfire at a shopping mall in Greenwood

The shooter was alone and had a rifle and several magazines of ammunition, according to the newspaper.

The names of the victims, the shooter, and the bystander were withheld by the police. At the sound of gunfire, shoppers and mall personnel fled or concealed themselves.

The shootings took place amid widespread anxiety over the steady stream of shootings in American schools, offices, and public places that generate headlines.

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