An Orwellian 'chat control' rule has been published by the EU, which allows AI to eavesdrop on all internet communications

According to the EU, all private conversations, messages, and emails will have to be searched for suspicious information automatically, and this will apply to all of them equally.

In order to "fight child sex abuse," the European Commission has produced a draft rule giving legislators the right to monitor and scan EU residents' text messages and photographs. An alternative strategy is to regard all EU citizens as potential sex offenders and examine their chat and email to make sure no one is actually violating the EU's sexual harassment and abuse laws. According to the EU, all private conversations, messages, and emails will have to be searched for suspicious information automatically, and this will apply to all of them equally. Child pornography is the proclaimed goal. Automated real-time messaging and chat control, as well as the loss of digital correspondence's privacy, resulted.

Previously, a majority of the Members of the European Parliament adopted and earlier version of the "chat control regulation on 6 July, 2021 allowing providers to scan communications voluntarily. So far only some unencrypted US services such as GMail, Meta/Facebook Messenger and X-Box apply chat control voluntarily. But this is was not the end of the story.

Today, The European Commission announced that it will propose follow-up legislation that will make the use of chatcontrol mandatory for all e-mail and messenger providers. Encrypted end-to-end communications services would likewise be subject to this new law. All internet companies and corporations will have to adhere to this new regulation, which was previously a voluntary practice. There was just no way out of this.

Tech companies have the skills and technology to detect abuse, and they should be responsible for reporting it.

Our new proposal sets obligations for companies to detect and report the abuse of children, with strong safeguards guaranteeing privacy of all. #EUvsChildSexualAbuse

— European Commission 🇪🇺 (@EU_Commission) May 11, 2022

35 civil society organizations, including the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), the German Bar Association, the European Digital Rights (EDRi), and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) have all been raising awareness about this invasive legislation.


In a letter addressed to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and other high-ranking EU officials, the groups write


"In the context of the upcoming EU legislation to effectively tackle child abuse, we urge the Commission to ensure that people’s private communications do not become collateral damage of the forthcoming legislation.


People under attack depend on privacy-preserving technologies to communicate with journalists, to coordinate protection for their families, and to fight for their safety and rights.


Equally in peacetime, people’s ability to communicate without unjustified intrusion — whether online or offline — is vital for their rights and freedoms, as well as for the development of vibrant and secure communities, civil society and industry.


Experts agree that there is no way to give law enforcement exceptional access to communications that are encrypted end-to-end without creating vulnerabilities that criminals and repressive governments can exploit.


As the recent Pegasus scandals have shown, the unfettered tapping of people’s devices poses huge risks to journalists, politicians, human rights defenders and the preservation of democratic society." In a separate statement, European Digital Rights group says that this legislation “would allow companies to spy on everyone's communications.”

EU Commission plans to impose the most dictatorial step since World War II and spy on every EU citizen without anyone's knowledge of it.

No one should be surprised that those in the EU who call themselves "champions of democratic standards" and the "rule of law" are not only silent on the EU commission's blatantly fascist plan to turn the EU into a corporate police state where everyone's every word and internet post is monitored,

They are completely on board with it.



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