John Durham Files a 'Shock and Awe' Spying Complaint Against Donald Trump

Even though we don't hear much about him these days, John Durham is still hard at work. As RedState has previously highlighted, the inquiry into misbehavior surrounding the investigation into Donald Trump and Russia has only intensified since Joe Biden assumed office.

The first significant shoe to drop was the indictment of Michael Sussman, who worked as a go-between for Hillary Clinton in order to gather information on Donald Trump. Sussman, in his instance, lied about who he worked for and mislead the FBI about the now-debunked Alfa-Bank allegation.

Durham's inquiry was always going to go farther, given the extensive participation of other persons working for the notorious Perkins Coie law firm, which Clinton employed as a proxy to defame Trump with phony charges of Russian connection. We've seen signs of it previously, but his most recent file is really "shock and awe."

According to Durham, who is obviously attempting to communicate at this point that he has information on a large number of individuals, Trump was not just spied on. Rather, he was spied on as president by Perkins Coie's outside supporters, from Trump Tower to the President's Office.

This completely deflates Watergate and makes it appear like child's play. Only in today's hyper-partisan atmosphere, when Democrats can get away with virtually anything, is this not a massive national scandal. Here you have Hillary Clinton friends and sympathizers of the law company she hired to obtain dirt on Trump, utilizing government channels to spy on him. Not only throughout the campaign, but even after he was elected president.

The fact that all of this has now come to light as a result of Durham's special counsel inquiry demonstrates exactly how corrupt the DOJ and FBI are. These facts have to have been known during Trump's administration, so why was no one talking about them? That doesn't match up, and it absolutely vindicates Trump, who has long claimed that he is being spied on.

The last issue here is how long Durham will be left to his own devices. Will the Biden administration intervene to stop him as he draws closer to the prize? That would likely be bad optics, but Biden hasn't showed much interest in optics recently.

Regardless, Hillary Clinton was all that some said she would be. Will she be held accountable, as well as her lackeys? We'll have to wait and see.

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