After GoFundMe blocked millions of dollars in contributions, Canadian trucker protest raised over $900,000 in bitcoin

After contributions through GoFundMe were restricted, crypto supporters of the Canadian truckers' anti-vax protest gathered more than $900,000 in bitcoin.

Since late January, trucks in the "Freedom Convoy" have jammed roadways in Canada's capital, Ottawa, in protest of the country's COVID-19 immunization regulations.

On GoFundMe, supporters contributed $10 million to the drivers. However, the crowdfunding site withheld the cash from its organizers last weekend, claiming that the demonstration was not peaceful and that officials had expressed concerns.

In response, the Canadian bitcoiner collective "HonkHonkHodl" launched a campaign on the crypto crowdfunding site Tallycoin.

"Every transaction that is done will be completely recorded and transparent," one of the group's members, YouTuber BTC Sessions, said in an online video press release Wednesday.

As of Friday, more than 5,000 individuals have contributed roughly 21 bitcoin in satoshis via Tallycoin, which is worth more than $900,000 at bitcoin's current price of $43,700.

Jesse Powell, CEO of crypto exchange Kraken, was one of them, donating 1 bitcoin to the HonkHonkHodl initiative.

Powell spoke out in favor of the Freedom Convoy, saying: "Change the money, and you'll be able to fix the world. Mandates are unethical. Stop the craziness. Honk, honk. #FreedomConvoy2022."

Tallycoin payments are delivered to a multi-signature wallet owned by members of HonkHonkHodl, who have been outspoken about the benefits of bitcoin on Twitter.

They include BTC Sessions, bitcoin supporter Greg Foss, novelist Jeff Booth, and an Ottawa citizen known on Twitter as Nobody Caribou.

"Legacy financial infrastructure may be politicized and stifled at times," the organization said on Tallycoin. "Bitcoin is completely immune to censorship. Do not let your voices be suppressed."

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, and former US President Donald Trump have both welcomed the truckers' protest.

Vaccine regulations in Canada compel all truckers crossing the US-Canada border to be properly vaccinated or face a two-week quarantine at home.

Thousands more cars have joined the demonstrations, prompting Ottawa's mayor to proclaim a state of emergency and shut down vital border crossings with the United States. Ford is apparently considering utilizing aircraft to carry vehicle components to a facility that has been shuttered due to the action.

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