In connection with the investigation into the Biden family's ties to China, the IRS has issued a subpoena to JPMorgan for Hunter and James Biden's bank records

A private subpoena delivered to JPMorgan Chase bank indicates that a criminal IRS investigation against Hunter Biden – President Biden's son — seems to have summoned a grand jury as far back as May 2019. The president's brother, James Biden, is also being subpoenaed for bank documents, making this the first time a member of the Biden family has been implicated in the probe.

Information on transactions between JPMorgan Chase Bank, the "correspondent bank," and the Bank of China (the "originating or beneficiary bank") is expressly requested in a document acquired by Breitbart News.

President Biden's campaign launched that spring, and federal prosecutors in the Delaware U.S. Attorney's office impaneled a grand jury and demanded the production of bank records pertaining to Hunter and James Biden, as well as Devon Archer and Eric Schwerin, two of Hunter and James' business associates.

Federal investigators have issued subpoenas in the Hunter Biden criminal investigation; however, the degree of information included in this document has not been publicized.

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Subpoena for JPMorgan Chase bank to appear in U.S. District Court in Delaware dated May 20, 2019. The document — a subpoena to JPMorgan Chase Bank's subpoena processing office situated in Indianapolis — reads: "YOU ARE COMMANDED to attend in this United States district court at the time, date, and location to testify before the court's grand jury." In order to leave the courtroom, you must wait for permission from a judge or court official.

The petition demands a response from JPMorgan Chase Bank executives by June 25, 2019, in a courtroom at the J. Caleb Boggs Federal Building in Wilmington, Delaware.

As the letter continues, "You must also bring with you the following documents, electronically stored information, or items," the document then points to "Attachment A."

Compliance officers at the bank are instructed to refer to "Attachment A" for this information. THE FOLLOWING MUST BE COMMITTED: Everything related to any financial or banking activities involving any of the following names or accounts is included here. "However, please do not restrict your search to merely the accounts indicated below; unknown, related, signatory or closed accounts are also needed," he said.

The subpoena names Robert Hunter Biden, James Biden, Devon Archer, and Eric Schwerin as those who must provide information.

Subpoena names include: Owasco, Skaneateles, RSP Holdings, RSP Investments, RSTP II Alpha and RSTP II Bravo, Seneca Global Advisors, Aqaba International, Rosemont Seneca, Burisma Holdings, Bohai Harvest RST Shanghai Equity, Robinson Walker and Hudson West.

"Do not divulge to the person or any other party the existence of this subpoena," the paper warns many times.

As stated in an accompanying letter from the U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware, David C. Weiss, it is a Federal Crime for "an officer of a financial institution" to notify "directly or indirectly... (A) customers of that financial institution whose records are sought by grand jury subpoena; or (B) any other person named in that subpoena about the existence or content of that subpoena."

Just after the election, Hunter Biden said that he was being investigated by the federal government for alleged tax evasion. For a period, it was revealed by Fox News and CNN that a probe into whether Hunter and his business partners broke the law on tax and money laundering had begun in 2018. The investigation, according to CNN, focused on Hunter's activities in China and elsewhere, as well as his dealings with "individuals that raised counterintelligence issues.".

During the height of the presidential campaign, the investigation was placed on hold, but it has since been reported that it was reopened after the votes had been counted.

Weiss paused the investigation, deciding not to seek search warrants or issue grand jury subpoenas, to not “alert the public to the existence of the case in the middle of a presidential election,” according to a report by Politico in July, 2021.

As reported by Fox News in March 2021, a federal investigation into Hunter's "tax issues" was in progress, and the Delaware office of the U.S. Attorney said it had "not heard from the White House" at the time.

In an interview with CBS in April, 2021, Hunter Biden said that he and his legal team were not negotiating on a plea agreement in the case. In addition, he said at the time, "I am totally comfortable that what we're doing is entirely cooperative with anybody from any government whatever."

Garrett Ziegler, a former White House staffer and assistant director in Peter Navarro's Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, received the paper first and delivered it to Breitbart News, which first reported on the document. Marco Polo, a non-profit research company "exposing corruption and extortion," has been undertaking a forensic assessment and further independent inquiry of Hunter Biden's laptop since Ziegler's time at the White House..

According to this broad grand jury subpoena, Joe's son and brother received transactions from an account at the Bank of China. Why Bill Barr acted personally to ensure that the U.S. Attorney in Delaware's investigation of Joe and his family was kept secret for almost 17 months until after the election, as earlier reporting has verified, remains a mystery. Ziegler stated in a statement to Breitbart that "David Weiss and Bill Barr—or someone with a conscience in the Justice Department—should answer that issue for the American people."

Because he did not want his probe to come out in the midst of an election, according to the Politico report cited above, Weiss took efforts to block it from getting public in 2019. A following Wall Street Journal item dated December 2020 says that Barr did the same thing.

If JPMorgan Chase Bank complies with this subpoena, it's not known at this time. Outside counsel for the bank stated immediately after it received the subpoena that it had recruited former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, which is worth highlighting. However, she has worked on similar issues with JPMorgan Chase Bank compliance, so it's unclear whether Lynch was involved in this exact situation.

This criminal investigation's status is similarly unknown.

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