Adam Schiff gets caught doctoring text messages from January 6th, exposing his ineptitude in the process

Adam Schiff (D-CA) has a track record of fabricating stories and manipulating the truth to fit his conspiracy beliefs.

That was most evident during Donald Trump's first impeachment, when Schiff lied about the details of the now-famous phone call between Trump and Ukraine's president during a hearing. During the Russian connection hoax, the California Democrat was also discovered promoting bogus Donald Trump Jr. emails.

Schiff, however, has never faced any penalties despite his complete lack of credibility as a result of his repeated conduct. And what does a terrible person do when they get away with doing evil things over and over again? They're still doing awful stuff. As a result, Schiff doctored a text between Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan to present a misleading narrative during a Committee hearing on January 6th.


During a hearing Monday night on the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, Adam Schiff claimed to have proof that a member of Congress texted former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to instruct former Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.

Not only did Schiff misrepresent the substance of the text message and its source, he even doctored original text messages, which were obtained and reviewed by The Federalist in their entirety.

You can see the actual images of the fabricated text at The Federalist, but here’s a description of how they differed significantly from the real one. Schiff and his staff did quite a number on it.

Not only did Schiff lie about the substance of the text message and its source, he even doctored the message and graphic that he displayed on screen during his statement.

The full text message, which was forwarded to Meadows from Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, on the evening of Monday, Jan. 5, was significantly longer than what Schiff read and put on screen, but Schiff erased significant portions of the text and added punctuation where there was none to give the impression that Jordan himself was tersely directing Meadows to give orders to Pence on how to handle the electoral vote certification.

This is when Schiff's idiocy is shown. He ignored the fact that the message in the SMS wasn't truly from Jordan in his eagerness to modify the text in order to support his fake story. Instead, it was a forward from Joseph Schmitz, who was attempting to make a legal case concerning the election's certification.

Whether you agree with that legal argument or not regarding the certification of the election (you can read it here), Jordan was passing the information along to get Meadows’ reaction. They were not, in fact, hatching a plan to overthrow the election — as Schiff tried to insinuate with his false framing and doctoring of the text.

In other words, Schiff was caught red-handed lying about the substance of the "bombshell" text message, and he couldn't even identify it to the correct person.

Yet, because Schiff is crooked in ways that both sides in Washington approve of, nothing will ever happen to him. He does this by using Congress's investigative power to punish his political foes. He'd be in serious danger if he posted a meme or made a joke about Ilhan Omar. As things stand, I expect Republicans to do nothing about Schiff if they retake power next year, which is a real tragedy.

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