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Kim Kardashian’s Skims Drops Luxury Ready-to-Wear Collab With Fendi

Kim Kardashian and Fendi will drop a ready-to-wear collection complete with shapewear, dresses, coats and tops on November 9 — details 

Leaping into luxury! Kim Kardashian is shaking up the style space once again, as her shapewear brand, Skims, has teamed up with Fendi to drop a complete ready-to-wear collection. 

According to an interview with WSJ Magazine, the 41-year-old reality star and Kim Jones, the creative director of Fendi, had a little rendezvous in Mexico in March to have a one day long fitting session for the drop, which launches on November 9. 

The “first of it’s kind” collaboration, which features everything from neon to neutral, goes way beyond some cozy cotton underwear and crop tops. The line includes dresses that start at $950, leggings that retail for $1,100 and even a puffer coat with a prince tag of $2,950. There’s even a leather dress available in eight shades that rings up at $4,200. The brand will also break into swimwear. 

Of course, Skims staples — embellished with the Fendi logo no less —will also have their time in the spotlight. And at more affordable price point, too. They will start at $100. 

So, how did this dream mash up come to be? Apparently it was born pretty organically. “The idea for the collaboration came about when my team I were sitting around a table at the studio in Rome,” Jones said in a press release shared with Us Weekly. “Suddenly, all the women went silent and started looking at their phones. I didn’t know what was going on, but they were waiting for the launch of the new Skims collection. It was then that I though: let’s do something together.” 

For Kardashian, the mash up was a perfect match. “The innovation in fabrics and fit typical to SKIMS paired with the luxury and quality of Fendi may feel unexpected to some people, but the similarities between our creative vision and goals are so closely aligned,” she said. “It’s that tension that excites me.” 

Add the pair’s “close” friendship, “creative spirit”  and mutual “workaholic” energy to the mix, and the end result is a collection that is sure to sell out fast. 

Just take a look at Twitter for proof. “Skims x Fendi?!?! Kim is a force to be reckoned with. She’s everything and more,” a user wrote. Another added: “I need that two piece purple set.” 

While the line is certainly groundbreaking, don’t expect Kardashian to break into haute couture exclusively. “That’s definitely not part of the plan, definitely not in the next couple of years,” she told WSJ Magazine. That said, she does plan to expand her influence with “yoga-ish” attire. 

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This story originally appeared on: US Magazine - Author:Samantha Holender

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