Clare Suggests Dale Gave Up on Her: I 'Would Have Never Walked' Away

Clare Crawley got candid about her split from Dale Moss, suggesting he couldn’t keep his promises — get the details

Opening up more than ever. Clare Crawley got candid — and emotional — while shedding light on the end of her relationship with Dale Moss.

“At this very moment, I’m OK. Things are up and down for me just in general in my life. Sometimes it’s minute to minute,” the 40-year-old former Bachelorette began on Jana Kramer’s “Whine Down” podcast on Thursday, October 21. “[But] right now, I’m OK. And I feel like I’m OK because I’m sitting with a woman that understands my life. We’ve had similar paths with a lot of things and it’s comforting.”

Crawley and Moss, 33, split for the second time in September. The twosome met while filming season 16 of The Bachelorette during the summer of 2020 and got engaged within the first two weeks of filming. After a brief breakup in January, they got back together.

“I always feel like I do not want to have regrets and I don’t even know — to be honest — if I would have done things differently because I was doing the best I could at the time with the information that I had,” the hairstylist said on Thursday. “And if my biggest regret is trusting the process, trusting a man’s words and who he showed me he was, I don’t think that that’s a regret. I trusted somebody, I believed somebody that they were who that they said they were [and] that they would hold up to the promises that they make when they get down on one knee.”

During her chat with Kramer, Crawley suggested she loved Moss more than he loved her.

“We want somebody to love us how hard we love them and when it’s not reciprocated or it’s not done to that level or in that way, it’s hard to process that,” the California native said. “It’s hurtful, especially when they’re saying one thing and doing another. That especially stings extra because it’s like, ‘Ugh how could you do that to somebody you love?’ It’s hard to comprehend things like that.”

She also appeared to imply that Moss wasn’t on the same page as her when it came to affection and her needs in a relationship.

“I love big and I want to be held and I don’t want to feel bad for, like, holding someone’s hand or touching them,” the “Voices” songstress said before Crawley interjected: “Hold on — somebody got mad [at] you trying to hold their hand and wanting to touch them?”

After Kramer confirmed, the reality star continued: “In — I’ll say this — a past relationship, it was verbatim that. And he was like, ‘Why are you so angry? Why are you fighting? You’re just picking a fight.’ And I’m like, ‘Do you realize what I’m fighting over? I’m fighting and yelling at you to hold me, to hug me right now, to give me comfort because I just want to love on you. And I want you to love on me.’ … It wouldn’t be a fight to the right person.”

Moss confirmed his split from Crawley via a representative on October 4.

“Dale and Clare broke up in mid-September when Clare was in New York City spending time with him,” the rep told Us at the time. “Clare then chose to fly home to Sacramento and asked Dale to send her things. A couple of weeks later, Clare’s mother’s condition worsened and Dale chose to immediately fly out to Sacramento to be with her. Dale flew to Sacramento last Tuesday morning to be with Clare, her mother and their family. On Wednesday, Dale flew to Los Angeles for a work obligation and had every intention to travel back to Sacramento to be with her, but his number was blocked, which made it impossible to communicate with Clare. It is unfortunate that the next time Dale heard anything from Clare, it was on social media.”

Scroll through for more from Crawley, including her response to him addressing the split in the media:

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