Moving On! Olivia Jade Giannulli Gives Tour of Glam New Apartment: Photos

Olivia Jade Giannulli revealed her new L.A. pad after moving in early March 2021 — see the space

Apartment refresh! Olivia Jade Giannulli gave fans an inside look at her new pad after moving earlier this month.

“I’m so ready for this space to come together,” Giannulli, 21, said during her March 16 vlog, titled, “MOVING.” The YouTube star then took fans behind-the-scenes of her packing party and what it took to physically pack up her old items.

The beauty guru, who is the daughter of Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, clipped together multiple days from her move, documenting how each room has come along. “I just really like it. Pretty big vibes,” Olivia Jade said of her L.A. apartment.

She showed off her master bedroom, which was only partially decorated at the time. “I have these really awesome curtains,” she said while in her room. “I love my bed, so much. It’s just really cute. Doesn’t that look so cozy?”

The highlight of the California native’s first moving vlog was her bathroom, which featured a big bathtub, white countertops and glass jars for all of her daily face products.

“This vanity is really clutch. I store all of my makeup in here,” she said, showing off a side table in the large room.

Olivia Jade showed off her “cute little bathtub” with a tray full of supplies on top before diving into her drawers under the double sink. “I have all my self-tanner. Extra makeup removers. I have all toiletry cases. In this basket here I have all tech stuff,” she explained, noting she plans to have see-through containers under the sink for more storage.

The following week, the social media star shared another video, focusing on different areas of her space.

“It is my first day in my apartment! My coffee table comes on Thursday and it’s Tuesday,” Olivia Jade said in the clip posted on Tuesday, March 23. “So that’s fire.”

During the episode she gave fans a look at her daily hustle, including a business call on her comfy white sofa, setting up her dog crate and doing yoga in her entryway.

Olivia Jade also gave viewers a detailed tour of her kitchen, which features pink utensils, a pink toaster and shelves of spices on full display.

“I love my little kitchen, so much. I really do love my kitchen. I just think it’s so adorable,” she said before organizing her fridge with clear containers that make it easy to find what food items she’s looking for.

Olivia Jade’s move came three months after her mom, 56, finished her two-month prison sentence for her family’s part in the college admissions scandal.

Mossimo, 57, for his part, began his five-month jail stint in November 2020, after the couple pleaded guilty to fraud charges in May 2020. The pair were arrested a year prior and accused of paying $500,000 to ensure their daughters, Olivia Jade and Bella, 22, would be admitted into the University of Southern California.

In addition to jail time, the Fuller House alum and the designer were fined $400,000 and must complete community service hours. Olivia Jade went dark on social media and YouTube amid the scandal but spoke out about the legal drama in December during a Red Table Talk appearance.

She apologized for her role in the scandal, saying, “I took my privilege and all my blessings for granted.” She asked for a second chance, noting, “I’m not this bratty girl that doesn’t want to change anything.”

Olivia Jade returned to YouTube the following month with a source exclusively telling Us Weekly that she is “finally in a great headspace” to “put herself out there” again.

Scroll down to see what the blogger has done with her new L.A. pad.

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This story originally appeared on: US Magazine - Author:Johnni Macke

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