Aly Raisman: A Day in My Life

Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman invited Us Weekly to tag along for a day in her life — see how she spends her time

Aly Raisman’s life has looked quite different since she officially hung up her leotard and retired from gymnastics in 2020. But even though she’s not spending as much time at the gym, the former gymnast, 26, still makes it a point to live a healthy lifestyle.

On a typical day in her life, Raisman will do a Pilates session to maintain her svelte physique.

After years of intense training, the three-time Olympic gold medalist found that the method — which involves low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements — not only benefited her body, but her mind too.

“When I have a good workout, I feel more calm and I feel more connected to my body,” she told Women’s Health in January. “That is a very different answer that I would have given you a couple of years ago. If I were training, I would have probably said a good workout to me is when I push myself as much as I can … I think I pushed myself enough for most of my life. So, now I just want to leave the gym feeling refreshed, feeling more connected to myself and making sure that I feel more calm.”

And now that she actually has time for herself, the Fierce author has made self-care an important part of her routine too.

In addition to Pilates, the retired athlete enjoys doing a daily body scan meditation, as well as staying connected with her loved ones, gardening and reciting positive affirmations about herself every morning. “[It’s] really helped me and changed my life,” she admitted in 2019.

Want to know how else Raisman spends her day? Keep scrolling to see what a typical day in her life looks like in action.

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