Free the Nipple! Celebs Who Show Their Chests With Pride

Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence and more celebs have gone sans bras in an effort to promote quality, empowerment or just in the name of fashion.

Celebrities are freeing the nipple — in all of the chicest ways possible.

A-listers like Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian are hopping on board with this buzzy trend. Equal parts a political statement and style standout, the “free the nipple” movement is all about female empowerment and gender equality — two things we can totally get on board with!

Even though it’s only recently begun been picking up steam, women have been embracing this movement for decades now. It goes back as far as the ‘90s when Rose McGowan walked the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet wearing that now-iconic sheer black beaded dress. With her thong and chest completely on display, the Charmed actress fueled a new generation of out-spoken (and totally stylish) women.

Since then, we’ve seen Iggy Azalea at Paris Fashion Week pairing her black and yellow trousers with a matching sheer top. Bella Thorne posted a selfie to Snapchat in a see-through bodysuit only slightly censoring with a kiss face emoji. And Kim Kardashian rocked a slinky slip-dress with semi-sheer metallic material. It may seem minimal but its meaning is major.

From Lawrence’s bra-free sheer shirt to Rihanna’s Swarovski crystal gown, keep scrolling to take a look to see how all the chicest stars have decided to free the nipple.

This story originally appeared on: US Magazine - Author:Christina Baez

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