Boris Johnson being REJECTED from speaking with Merkel is an 'insult to EVERY Briton'

BORIS JOHNSON being snubbed by the EU over plans to speak directly with German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been dubbed an "insult to every Briton".

The Prime Minister was hoping to speak to the German and French leaders but was snubbed as officials said Brexit negotiations must go through the European Commission. Mr Johnson was hoping to unblock failing Brexit talks.

But a senior EU official said it was rejected as the Commission should not be bypassed to discuss matters with individual leaders.

Now, Imran Ahmad Kahn, the MP for Wakefield, has lashed out at Mrs Merkel claiming “every Briton” had been insulted.

He tweeted: “I stand with millions of Britons that are deeply insulated at the shocking news that German Chancellor has refused the British Prime Minister’s request for a telephone call.

“This is an insult to every Briton, whether they support our PM or not.

Boris rejected from speaking to Merkel an 'insult'
Boris rejected from speaking to Merkel an 'insult' (Image: Getty)

“Have our EU ‘friends’ no regard or respect for the UK and our nations’ sacrifices that permit them to live in freedom and prosperity today, safely away from the shadow of totalitarianism?

“The EU’s contemptuous treatment of the UK makes it clear there cannot be a deal until it accepts the UK as a sovereign equal and awards us the respect and regard we merit.”

The phone call request comes after both the UK and EU warned a no deal Brexit is becoming more likely.

Mr Johnson said an exit with no deal in place was “very, very likely” while Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the outcome was now more likely than not.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte argued capitals do not negotiate but EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier does.

He said: “I would like to invite him to stay in London and work hard.

“Capitals don’t negotiate, Barnier does, and he has our full support.”

Brexit negotiations have been gridlocked over three key issues, fishing, governance and the so-called level playing field.

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