FDA gives emergency clearance to Eli Lilly’s experimental COVID-19 antibody treatment

The Food and Drug Administration on Monday issued an emergency clearance to Eli Lilly’s experimental COVID-19 antibody treatment.

The drug, praised by President Trump, was proven effective in clinical trials at reducing the need for hospitalizations in coronavirus patients at high risk of disease progression, the FDA said.

Called bamlanivimab, it can be used in the treatment of mild and moderate COVID-19 cases in patients over the age of 12, the agency said.

Trump has said the country would provide the treatment free of cost to Americans.

Last month, Eli Lilly announced a deal with the US government over the drug.

The company agreed to provide the government with 300,000 doses of bamlanivimab in exchange for $375 million.

White House spokesman Michael Bars said the treatment can be rolled out immediately.

“Through continued determination, this treatment and others like it will help protect the health and well-being of millions of vulnerable Americans until a safe and effective vaccine is approved for use,” Bars said in a statement.

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