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All Democratic Squad re-elected to Congress

Besides Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, handily re-elected to the Washington House of Representatives, the other left-wing MPs forming 'The Squad' have all been re-elected to Congress.

If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is undoubtedly the figurehead of the Squad (“The Squad”), the nickname given to the group of four deputies from the left wing of the Democratic Party who distinguished themselves during Donald Trump's first term, she does not is not the only one to have been re-elected for two years to Congress in Washington.

In Minnesota, the Somali-born MP Ilhan Omar has also been re-elected, the African-American MP for Massachusetts, Ayanna Pressley, will also be called upon to represent her state again in the Washington House of Representatives and, in Michigan. , Rashida Tlaib also won a second term, reports the Guardian.

     "These four women of color, spearheading progressive causes on the climate and on health insurance in particular, who have endured the racism and derision of Donald Trump, will no longer be beginners in Congress", underlines the daily British."

New recruits to Congress

The “hard core” of the Squad will be joined by new recruits after these elections. In Missouri, Cori Bush was elected, the state’s first black woman to sit in the House of Representatives.

     "To black women, black girls, nurses, essential workers, single mothers: this is our time," she said immediately after announcing her victory, Newsweek reports.

“Before entering politics, [she] was known for her involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement and had played a major role in the protests that had taken place in Ferguson,” after the death of Michael Brown, a young black man from 18 years old killed by police in 2014.

It was by posing under a portrait of Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American woman in history to enter the House of Representatives, in 1969, that Cori Bush celebrated her victory, in a tweet.

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