Emmanuel Macron and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the war of words

The tone is again raised between the President of Turkey Recept Tayyip Erdogan and Emmanuel Macron, the former worrying about the mental health of the latter and accusing him of 'Islamophobia'.

It sounds like ancient times, another diplomatic and political era. On January 5, 2018, Emmanuel Macron received his Turkish counterpart at the Elysee Palace and declared during the press conference: "I believe that the dialogue that we have had since the beginning and that we have had today" hui, direct, frank, has perspectives because, basically, we are plunged into the same challenge. (...) For my part, therefore, I am convinced that we will find, on each of the subjects of our very direct exchange, concrete, real solutions which will make it possible, on the few cases that I have mentioned, to settle what sometimes is all. simply a misunderstanding but a damaging misunderstanding. ” For Recept Tayyip Erdogan, him, "cooperation between France and Turkey (" was) of vital importance for regional and world peace ". He will return to Paris for the November 11 commemorations, with his wife, but the rag was already burning behind the scenes, especially on the issue of Syria and the offensive against Kurdish forces by the Turkish army.

He accuses Emmanuel Macron of leading a "campaign of hatred" against Muslims

On November 28, 2019, it was the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron who lit the fuse, judging NATO to be "brain dead" in "The Economist", before his lack of reaction to the Turkish offensive to the border with Syria. The response was immediate: “I am addressing French President Emmanuel Macron from Turkey, and I will repeat it to NATO. Have your own brain death checked first ”. The divorce was consummated. From then on, the two men hurt each other from a distance.

In June 2020, Emmanuel Macron explained on the question of Turkey's intervention in Libya that Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Turkey "does not respect (have) any of its commitments at the Berlin conference (organized in January), (she) has increased its military presence in Libya and it has massively reimported jihadist fighters from Syria, ”he blasted. "It is the historical and criminal responsibility of Turkey, which claims to be a member of NATO, in any case it claims it", added Emmanuel Macron. Also in June, France criticized the Turkish navy for having threatened one of its warships during a mission to enforce the arms embargo on Libya and took NATO to witness this incident. Emmanuel Macron then accused Turkey of "violating" the sovereignty of Greece and Cyprus and of having "criminal responsibility" in the Libyan conflict.

On August 13, Erdogan quipped about Emmanuel Macron's “show in front of the cameras” in Beirut, two days after the explosion that devastated the port of the Lebanese capital. “What Macron and company want is to restore colonial order” in Lebanon, he said. On September 12, the president threatened the French head of state by name: "Mr. Macron, you have not finished having trouble with me ", launched the Turkish president, who had also accused him of" lacking historical knowledge. "

Five days later, he accused him of being an "ambitious incapable". This Monday, he took a new semantic step, accusing Emmanuel Macron of leading a “campaign of hatred” against Muslims, and calling for a boycott of French products. He also called the French president a "leader in need of control of his mental state", and called on European leaders to stop what he called a "hate campaign which is led by Macron" against Muslims, for him. "A lynching campaign similar to that against the Jews of Europe before WWII is being waged against the Muslims."

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