Why we must follow the final debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Thursday, Donald Trump and Joe Biden clash one last time face-to-face before the November 3 election. .

Less than two weeks before the presidential election, will the meeting be a game-changer? Donald Trump and Joe Biden face each other one last time in a televised debate - to be followed live on LCI and LCI.fr from 3 a.m. on the night of Thursday to Friday - organized at Belmont University in Nashville (Tennessee) and which promises to be explosive again when the two men have not been found face to face since September 29. A confrontation not to be missed. Here's why.
Because the debate should be much more framed

A major novelty is emerging: the Debates Committee said Monday that the microphones of Donald Trump and Joe Biden will be cut when they do not have the floor. Objective: to avoid the cacophony and chaos of the first face-to-face. The end of the rat race and the repeated interruptions of the former reality star, who according to Axios, had cut off 71 times from his Democratic rival, the latter three times less (22).

The two septuagenarians will each have two minutes to answer questions from the moderator of the debate, NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker. Once this time has passed, an open discussion will then be possible, this time with both microphones open.

Apart from this notable novelty, the duration remains the same: 90 minutes. Six themes will be addressed, in 15-minute sequences: the fight against Covid-19, American families, the race question, climate change, national security and leadership.

Because this is the last face to face before the ballot

This campaign was by far the most disrupted of all campaigns. Covid-19 obliges, nothing has gone as planned. Mostly virtual Democratic and Republican conventions, meetings without an audience for Joe Biden, limited campaign travel but, above all, the arrest of Donald Trump for more than a week because of his contamination.

This Thursday, for the home stretch, the atmosphere should therefore be particularly electric as Donald Trump has been attacking the moderator, Kristen Welker for several days, and increasing criticism against the independent commission in charge of his organization. "There is nothing fair about this debate," he said in an interview with Fox News.

Because it could be one of President Trump's last outings

For four years, Donald Trump has occupied the media and public space as rarely has a head of state before him. But this Thursday may well be his last appearance as President of the United States in a setting that is not that of an interview or a rally.

In difficulty in the polls with a delay ranging from 9 to 13 points at the national level, he is in any case always more aggressive towards his opponents, questioning his probity and accusing him of being at the head of a "corrupt" family. His favorite angle of attack? The affairs of Joe Biden's son Hunter in Ukraine and China when his father was Barack Obama's vice-president. In this context, the duel promises to be epic.

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