Pope Francis speaks out in favor of civil union for same-sex couples

In a documentary dedicated to him, Pope Francis supports the creation of a civil union for same-sex couples. A first for a sovereign pontiff

"Homosexuals have the right to have a family." Words are rare, even unpublished from a pope. In a documentary premiering Wednesday at the Rome International Film Festival, Pope Francis says he supports civil union for same-sex couples.

According to the American news agency, Associated Press (AP), the sovereign pontiff emphasizes that "they are children of God".

"What we need is a law on civil union so that these couples are legally protected. I am in favor of this initiative," he said in an interview with the director of this feature film, " Francesco ", dedicated to him.

A subject already mentioned

Pope Francis has spoken on the subject on several occasions. In September 2020, after the general audience, he met the mother of a young homosexual and reminded her that "The Lord and the Church love [all] children because they are all sons of God" .

In 2014, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, he said that "the teaching of the Church is that marriage concerns men and women while recognizing the right of governments to adopt unions. civilians of gay couples ".

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