American Airlines plans to fly Boeing 737 MAXs before the end of 2020

American Airlines plans to return its Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to service for commercial flights by the end of the year if the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States grants the aircraft a new permit to fly, she announced on Sunday.

The American company plans to make a daily connection between Miami and New York using the 737 MAX between December 29 and January 4, with reservations open from October 24.

"We are keeping in touch with the FAA and Boeing on the certification process and we will continue to update our programs based on the aircraft certification schedule," American Airlines said in a statement.

She specifies that she will warn passengers that they are flying aboard a 737 MAX. This device has been banned from flying around the world since March 2019 after being involved in two air disasters that killed a total of 346.

FAA is expected to issue a new operating license in November following Boeing's modifications to this model.

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