Photography: The week in pictures (October 9-16)

In Kenya, the government has just announced the gradual reopening of schools. In Europe, the new outbreak of Covid-19 cases has, on the contrary, prompted several countries to take new restrictive health measures: Northern Ireland has just decided to bring forward and extend the All Saints holiday.
Dacca (Bangladesh). 14 octobre. Une manifestante participe à une procession aux flambeaux. De nombreuses manifestations ont eu lieu dans tout le pays ces derniers jours pour dénoncer les violences faites aux femmes et exiger que justice soit rendue aux victimes de viol.

In Nigeria, young people have been rising for ten days against police violence. The anger, which began to resonate on social media on October 3 following the death of a young man after his arrest by a controversial police squad, has grown to a level not seen in a decade in the country.

World tour of the highlights of the week, selected by USA GAG.