Nature science journal mocks Trump in editorial, announces support for Biden

'The actions of the Trump administration are accelerating climate change, razing nature, tainting the air and killing wildlife - as well as humans,

The scientific journal Nature on Wednesday announced its support for Joe Biden in the race for the White House, bringing down Donald Trump, accused of having worked to "bring down a system" to protect citizens.

     "No other president in recent history has tried so hard to politicize government agencies and purge them of scientific expertise. The actions of the Trump administration are accelerating climate change, razing nature, defiling the world. air and kill wildlife - as well as humans ".

This is not the first time that a candidate has won favor with Nature. The magazine had expressed its preference for Barack Obama in 2012 and for Hillary Clinton in 2016, but less sharply.

"Icon of hatred and division"

Nature notably points to the announcement of the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement and from international institutions such as the World Health Organization. But also the "interference on scientific and health agencies (...) essential for the safety of the population" and the "contempt" for "the facts and the truth, which was displayed in its disastrous response to the Covid pandemic. 19 ".

With more than 215,000 deaths from the coronavirus, "Trump has failed catastrophically at the most important moment", insists the journal, which refuses "to do nothing while science is shaken". "Donald Trump has become an icon for those who seek to sow hatred and division," said the magazine.

In contrast, "Joe Biden's confidence in truth, evidence, science and democracy makes him the only possible choice for the US election," Nature continues, calling on voters to "vote for him on November 3" .

This vitriolic editorial comes as Nature just announced more coverage of political issues, because "science and politics are inseparable."

In September, for the first time in 175 years of existence, the scientific publication Scientific American also announced its support for the Democratic candidate, grumbling Donald Trump for his rejection of science and his "denial" of climate change. Without explicitly supporting Biden, the New England Journal of Medicine last week denounced the "failure" of the American leaders in place in handling the Covid-19 crisis:

    "We must not support them and allow the deaths of thousands more Americans by allowing them to keep their posts."

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