Meghan Markle compares social media users to drug users

In a new intervention for the magazine "Fortune", the Duchess of Sussex referred to her report to social networks, warning of the dangers and abuses associated with addiction to these platforms.

Meghan Markle confides in her report to social networks. In a new intervention given Tuesday, October 13, 2020 for the magazine "Fortune", the Duchess of Sussex explained why she was not active on any platform. “For my own preservation, I haven't been on social media for a very long time. I had a personal account years ago, which I closed, then we had one through the institution (the royal family, editor's note) and our office which was in the UK, but it was not managed by us - it was a whole team - and so I think it comes with the work that we do, ”she said at first.

"I worry a lot about people who obsess over social media"

Prince Harry's wife then explained that she had made the "personal choice", since leaving the British royal family, not to "have an account". “I'm not sure (what's going on on social media), and for a number of reasons this is very helpful to me. I worry a lot about people who obsess over it. And it's so much a part of everyday culture for so many people that it's addictive like many others. There is very little in this world where you call the person who interacts with a product a "user". (...) People who develop a drug addiction are called "users" ("users" in English, which can be used for both "consumer" and "user") and people who are on the networks social are called "users". And there is something algorithmic that creates this obsession which I think is very unhealthy for a lot of people, ”said Meghan Markle. “So I would say that when you use these platforms for your work, to exchange with your friends, be aware of what you are doing (...). When you engage in negative things, think about the repercussions that this can have on your person, there really are effects (...), you have to be aware and responsible, ”she added on this subject.

"Everything I do, I do it for Archie"

The one who is now a producer with her husband also took advantage of this intervention to explain how motherhood had changed her. “It gives you more courage, you feel more concerned about what is happening in the world, this world which our children will inherit. (...) Every day I wake up wondering how I can make this world a better place for Archie. It is a belief shared by my husband and I. And at the same time, I'm careful not to put my family in danger through certain things. I'm trying to be very clear in what I'm saying (...) and to talk about things that seem very simple, like exercising your right to vote. (...) I wouldn't be able to feel proud as a mother if I didn't do my part to make this world a better place for him. (...) Everything I do, I do for Archie, our son. There are many projects that excite me, creating inspiring programs and content. And I am very happy to be back home in the United States. Hopefully, things will start to open up a bit more with COVID, we will be able to interact with people again in a different way and in a way that will allow me to roll up my sleeves, to be in the field. at home, ”she said.

Before that, Meghan Markle had also mentioned her willingness to turn her “convictions into actions”, saying how necessary it was to draw strength to make “difficult decisions”. Her own way of mentioning "Megxit". "It is not easy. (...) Sometimes making the best decisions for yourself and your family may not be the most appreciated by all. My faith is greater than my fear. This must be greater than all the fears that prevent you from taking this step, ”she concluded.

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