Greta Thunberg calls vote for Biden

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, a figure in the international youth climate movement "Fridays for Future", on Saturday called on Americans to elect Democratic candidate Joe Biden to face Donald Trump next month, in a rare foray into partisan politics. "I never get into party politics. But the next US election is above and beyond it," the 17-year-old wrote on her Twitter account. "From a climate point of view this is nowhere near enough and a lot of you were defending other candidates of course. But hey ... you know ... damn it! Just organize yourself and do whatever it takes. the world votes #Biden, ”added the young Swede.

Donald Trump regularly displays climate skeptic positions. "It will eventually cool," he said in mid-September about climate change, in the middle of the historic fires in California. Joe Biden then described the president as a “climate arsonist”. The current tenant of the White House has also made fun of Greta Thunberg on several occasions. Last December, when she was named "person of the year" by the American magazine Time, he had estimated on Twitter that she needed to work to "manage her anger", calling her to "relax" by "going to see a good old movie" with a friend.

After the arrival of the young Swede at the United Nations in September 2019 and her famous "How dare you?" ("How dare you?"), Donald Trump then quipped about "this very joyful young girl" whose vision of a "radiant and magnificent" future is "a pleasure to see". Joe Biden had him rave about "Greta". In April, he praised his action, ensuring that he listened to the aspirations of youth in terms of climate. The American scientific publication Scientific American also called last month to vote for the Democratic candidate on November 3, a first partisan stance in nearly two centuries of history, grueling Donald Trump for his rejection of science and his "denial" of climate change. A call renewed on Friday in a new editorial, relayed by Greta Thunberg in her tweet.

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