The biggest Hollywood scandals of the eighties

Where there is fame and fortune, there are scandals and scandals. Over time, anger usually erupts, and scandals fall into oblivion. We recall here six scandals that did everything wrong in the 1980s.

Nude photos of Vanessa Williams


Vanessa Williams Shares Her Simple Fitness and Beauty Regimen - ABC News
Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams was the first black woman to miss the United States in 1983. The Penthouse magazine reported that she had obtained nude photos of Vanessa and intended to publish the photos without her permission.

Rather than criticize Penthouse for using this kind of violence against Vanessa, it was Vanessa who was criticized and had to return the crown and the title. It took 32 years for Vanessa to receive an apology from the organizers of Miss America. She has made a name for herself as a role model, actress and singer in recent decades.

Fatal car accident


Mmatthew Broderick og Jennifer Grey Mynd/Getty

Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Gray started behind the scenes together and were traveling around Northern Ireland in 1987 when they were involved in a car accident. Matthew was behind the wheel and turned to the opposite side of the road and drove into another car. Both the driver of the car, Anna Gallagher, a 30-year-old woman, and her mother, Margaret Doherty, 63, died instantly.

Matthew was rather badly injured, he broke several bones, had a concussion and his lungs collapsed. Jennifer was slightly injured. When they got into the accident, no one knew about their relationship, but the relationship became public after that. However, the relationship did not last long and they broke up a year later. Matthew is today married to actress Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Gray is married to actor Clark Gregg.

Sex video by Rob Lowe


Rob Lowe when he was younger.

It seems that Rob Lowe has had a long, successful career, but it did not take long for him to go to the sink in the late eighties due to a sex scandal. A video of Rob, then 24, having sex with two women, aged 16 and 22, was leaked to the media. As if things weren't bad enough, Rob publicly supported Democrat Michael Dukakis when the scandal broke.

Rob Lowe publicly supported Michael Dukakis.

The teenage girl's mother sued Rob. He had a small role until The West Wing, which began in 1999. Since then he has had a successful career and many have no idea about the scandal, especially the younger generation who know him as the cheerful and fun Chris Traeger from Parks And Recreation.6

Todd Bridges charged with murder


Todd Bridges

Actor Todd Bridges won the hearts of viewers as Willis in the TV series Diff'rent Strokes. After the episode, he became addicted to drugs, unfortunately the familiar fate of a child star. In 1989, he was charged with shooting and killing a drug dealer named Kenneth "Tex" Clay. Todd hired star lawyer Johnny Cochrane to defend himself, who later became O.J. Simpson. He was acquitted of all charges.

Lionel Richie's love triangle


Lionel Richie and his first wife, Brenda.

Singer Lionel Richie is married twice. His first marriage lasted for eighteen years. He married Brenda Harvey in 1975, but the couple divorced in 1993 after discovering Lionel's adultery. Brenda came across Lionel kissing fashion designer Diane Alexander in front of the latter's apartment.

Lionel and Diane.

According to West Coast media, Brenda is said to have kicked Lionel in the butt and run after Diane. Brenda was charged with several offenses, including physically assaulting her husband. Shortly afterwards, Brenda divorced Lionel. Two years later, Lionel and Diane married. They had two children and divorced in 2004.

Milli Vanilli


Milli Vanilli.

The duo Milli Vanilli shot to stardom with the song Girl You Know It's True. The song was released on June 25, 1989 and was on the Billboard charts for 26 weeks. It was a German-French R&B duo from Munich and consisted of Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus. The beginning of the duet's tragic end was on July 21, 1989, just over a year after its first song was released.

They were performing the song Girl You Know It's True in front of 80,000 people at the Lake Compounce theme park in Connecticut, USA. Fab and Rob were as usual on stage, energetic and showed great dance beats. But suddenly the same sentence was always heard: "Girl you know it's, girl you know it's, girl you know it's." It was as if a CD had been scratched. It turned out that Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus did not sing the songs and everything around Milli Vanilli was a lie and disguise. However, it took many months for people to find out the truth, as this was before the age of social media. They were forced to return the Grammy Awards and were ridiculed.


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