QAnon - What is it?

Facebook has decided to ban QAnon on social media and Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, and has started deleting pages related to the movement. But what is QAnon? What is the goal and who is behind the movement?

The movement is known for its support for US President Donald Trump. But at Facebook, people think that the movement is so dangerous that it is right to ban it on Facebook and Instagram. This is the same view as the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, but it believes that a terrorist threat may be caused by the movement.

The movement has its roots in the chat channel 4chan, but it is controversial because it is where extremists gather and talk about one thing and another. It was in 2017 that an anonymous person started writing on the site and declaring support for Trump. He also revealed the government's alleged secrets, which he said he had access to as a senior official. The person in question called himself "Q". That's where QAnon came from.

Many people have tried to define who supports QAnon's theories and what their goals are, including the BBC and Wired. But this has not been easy because the movement is based on a variety of ideas that go in many directions and often originate in chat rooms on the Internet. They then fly in the real world and become slogans in protest.

QAnon is believed to have been formed in support of Trump and belief in various conspiracy theories that are said to be directed against him. One of the original theories put forward by Q was that Robert Mueller's investigation into Trump's election campaign with Russia was in fact an investigation into a network of child molesters.

It is safe to say that QAnon has gained a foothold in the United States and the organization now extends beyond the United States. For example, they seem to have gained a foothold in Germany. According to a survey conducted and published by ISD and Professor Brian Schaffner last month, 7% of the 4,000 Americans who participated in QAnon considered it a credible source and had a positive attitude towards the movement. But most of the participants had not heard of QAnon before.

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