Prince Harry: What Elizabeth II will tell him when he returns to England

Prince Harry has not been quiet lately, especially when it comes to the US presidential election. Thus, Archie's father spoke with his wife Meghan Markle about the elections ... which his grandmother did not like.

Queen Elizabeth's favorite grandson is expected to return to England for some time soon! Prince Harry is said to be planning his trip to his homeland, not for the holidays (which he will have in Santa Barbara), but to go to the Invictus Games. Indeed, he himself created this multisport competition for wounded and disabled soldiers and war veterans, so he does not want to miss the next edition. He is also expected to travel to the 2021 Rugby World Cup to be held in England. But their upcoming homecoming is not going to be easy ... Indeed, the couple gave their opinion on the US election in a video. "You play an essential role for the future of our children (...) It is vital to reject hate speech," Archie’s father said, calling for a vote against Donald Trump. But this intervention did not please the royal family at all.

Angry queen elizabeth

Thus, the experts all agree that the Duke will have to explain himself with Her Majesty the Queen: “There are all kinds of questions to be addressed, not only his political statements, but also his situation in terms of visas to the United States ”thus revealed a source to the Sun. “Even if he has to isolate himself for two weeks, the estate is large enough for discussions to be held at a distance,” he added. Indeed, Elizabeth II would be particularly embarrassed by the latest positions of her grandson ... "If Trump is re-elected and pays another visit here, what must the Queen say about the fact that her grandson and his wife did? campaign against him? ", Asked the Sunday Times. For some, radical measures deserve to be taken ... And if the Queen has not yet decided, the couple risks having their royal titles permanently withdrawn.

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