'I'm not being asked if I'm fine': The intimate story behind this quote from Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle gave an interview to journalist Tom Bradby last year, to whom she said no one asked if she was okay. In a podcast dedicated to mental health, she returned to this phrase on Saturday that had quickly moved the world.

Last year, Meghan Markle, still an official member of the British Royal Family with Prince Harry, was at the heart of every conversation. Criticized, adored, mocked or harassed, the American faced many challenges after her marriage to the younger Prince Charles. So much so that she began to suffer. At the time, she did not have the ability to express herself easily in the press and suffered more than she could act. But during an official trip to South Africa, the former actress was finally able to express what was on her mind. Faced with journalist Tom Bradby, she confided that "few people (him) asked if (she) was okay". Her voice trembling, she had explained how vulnerable she felt to the rumors launched by the tabloids and online comments.

These few minutes of interview had been around the world, suggesting the difficulties encountered by the one who still called herself Duchess of Sussex. In a podcast recorded for World Mental Health Day, she looked back on that moment, revealing the intimate story behind those few words. “We were on an official trip to South Africa and on the last day my god I was tired. I was about to give Archie a bath, I was exhausted, ”she first told the three teenagers in charge of the podcast that aired Saturday.

At the time, said Harry, Meghan Markle was still breastfeeding her son. "A lot of people don't know it, but it's like running a marathon, between two official engagements I would run to come home and make sure our son ate, and that was a lot," she added. "At the very end, the reporter asked me, 'are you okay?' And I didn't realize that my answer would get so much interest from all over the world, because I just said, "well, thank you, nobody really asks me if I'm okay." I didn't think about that answer, I said it honestly, because I was in a vulnerable situation, because I was tired, because there was nothing like that, " this is what I am, a mother with a four and a half month old baby, and we are tired ””. "But I think it means a lot, to see that this answer has resonated with people at this point, because that's what everyone wants to be asked, if we're okay", a- she concluded.

On the same podcast, Harry and Meghan spoke of their difficulties in the face of what they consider to be the media's harassment against them. But the two ensured that despite their ups and downs, they are doing well and are grateful for their new life in California.

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