A Toulousain will run 380 km to raise funds for the homeless

Without money or food, a Toulouse bus driver will run to Marseille to raise money for an association that helps the homeless

     - Fabien, a Toulouse bus driver, will run for seven days to reach Marseille.
     - Beyond the sporting challenge, he wants to raise funds for the association La Bagagerie, which helps the homeless.
     - He leaves without food or shelter, to put himself in the shoes of a homeless person.

This Sunday morning, he has an appointment at 9 am at the Atlanta bus depot in Toulouse. Not to take service on line 19 of the Tisséo network, as usual. But for a long journey that will take Fabien Debaucheron from the Pink City to Marseille, where he is expected next Saturday. And it will be while running that this follower of the running decided to connect the 380 km which separate the two regional capitals.

This challenge is far from being purely sporting. It is above all united. Fabien Debaucheron will indeed run for La Bagagerie, this Marseille association which allows the homeless to drop off their belongings during the day but also to provide them with warm clothes. At each of its stages, it will make sure to raise funds for those who need it.

Live like the invisible

And no way for this forties to spend the night at the hotel. Like Antoine de Maximy from "I'll go to sleep at your place", during his stops, Fabien will have to convince people to put him up for one night out of solidarity. “I told myself that out of respect for the homeless, I had to get out of my comfort zone, to live like them. I'm leaving without money or credit card, my only currency will be drawings made by children from Tarabel where I live. I also have a flag marked "meet the human" because that's what I want: to trade, "argues the 48-year-old driver.

He had the idea to run for this cause by talking to members of the association, which already organizes races for its beneficiaries. One day he decided to send them shoes and clothes. And the return of La Bagagerie was so inspiring that he felt he had to go further. So he set up his project and an online jackpot. All with the support of Tisséo but also of his colleagues, many of whom have supported him. “Apart from the sporting and solidarity challenge, it allows me to show another image of bus drivers, somewhere I will represent them”, he hopes.

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