‘I Get It’: Andrew Yang Sympathizes With Trump Voters during Convention Speech

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang on Thursday extended an olive branch to voters who cast their ballot for President Trump in 2016, saying that he understands their decision because “many politicians promise and then fail to deliver.”

“If you voted for Trump or didn’t vote at all back in 2016, I get it,” Yang said during his address Thursday evening to the Democratic National Convention. “Many of us have gotten tired of our leaders seeming far removed from our everyday lives, and we despair that our government will ever rise to the challenges of our time.”

Yang, an entrepreneur whose 2020 presidential campaign focused on his proposed universal basic income policy, which would give every American adult $1,000 a month, called for “bold and innovative policies” to assist Americans during the coronavirus pandemic, which he says “has accelerated everything.”

“We must give this country, our country, a chance to recover,” Yang said. “We are in a deep, dark hole, and we need leaders who will help us dig out.”

The convention has featured many speakers who were quick to condemn Trump for his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The previous night, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi addressed the convention and accused Trump and Senate Republicans of “standing in the way” of the $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill proposed by House Democrats.

The Democratic convention is being held virtually due to coronavirus concerns. Along with Yang, former 2020 presidential candidates Cory Booker and Pete Buttigieg as well as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee himself, Joe Biden, are slated to speak.

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