Amazon, Google join pledge to hire minority New Yorkers

Leaders of Amazon, Google, JPMorgan Chase and two dozen other giant companies have pledged to hire 100,000 New Yorkers from disadvantaged backgrounds by 2030.

The 27 corporate titans formed the New York Jobs CEO Council to create paths to in-demand jobs for low-income, black, Latino and Asian workers, including 25,000 CUNY students, according to a news release.

The coalition announced Tuesday includes firms from a wide range of industries that will partner with colleges and nonprofits to connect those New Yorkers with training, apprenticeships and entry-level positions.

“As companies with a long-standing commitment to the New York area and its residents, we are using our collective power to prepare the city’s workforce with the skills of the future and helping New Yorkers who have been left behind get a foot in the door,” JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said in a statement.

Dimon will co-chair the council along with the CEOs of McKinsey, Accenture, IBM and EY, while former LaGuardia Community College president Gail Mellow will serve as executive director. Other participating executives include Satya Nadella of Microsoft, John McAvoy of Con Edison, Meredith Kopit Levien of The New York Times Company, and Larry Fink of the investment giant BlackRock.

The council’s hiring pledge comes amid the coronavirus pandemic that has hit black and Hispanic New Yorkers disproportionately hard and caused a nationwide economic downturn that has put millions of people out of work.

“Our mission is to ensure people in New York’s most vulnerable communities can access the skills that they need to pursue promising career pathways and benefit from the city’s economic recovery,” Mellow said in a statement.

The commitment also comes on the heels of massive protests against racism and police brutality that rocked New York and other cities following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Several members of the council — including Dimon, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Google’s Sundar Pichai — have expressed support for the Black Lives Matter movement in recent months.