Ginsburg Discharged from Hospital after Possible Infection

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been released from the hospital a day after she was admitted for a possible infection, the Supreme Court said Wednesday.

“Justice Ginsburg has been discharged from the hospital,” Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said. “She is home and doing well.”

The 87-year-old justice was hospitalized Monday night in Washington, D.C., experiencing a fever and chills. On Tuesday, the Court said she would “stay in the hospital for a few days to receive intravenous antibiotic treatment” for a potential infection. She underwent a procedure Tuesday at Johns Hopkins Hospital “to clean out a bile duct stent that was placed last August,” the Court said.

Ginsburg was previously hospitalized in May and received nonsurgical treatment after she developed an infection caused by a gallstone.

In January, Ginsburg missed oral arguments at the Court for the first time in her over 25 years as a justice. She worked from home the following week and made decisions using briefs and transcripts of oral arguments.

The famously resilient justice has survived cancer several times, including colorectal cancer in 1999, pancreatic cancer in 2009, and lung cancer two years ago. She has dismissed the possibility of retiring soon, saying last summer that she plans to serve “at least five more years” on the court. Her health has remained a subject of intense speculation among Court-watchers, given the possibility that she could vacate her seat and give conservatives a chance to grow their five-seat majority.

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