Acting DHS Secy. Cuccinelli: New ICE rule to encourage schools to reopen

Acting Deputy Department of Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli said U.S. universities may reopen in the fall if they want to keep their foreign students.

During an interview Tuesday, Cuccinelli defended the new immigration enforcement rule by saying foreign students must leave the U.S. if their school moves classes online. He said there is no reason for such students to be in the U.S. unless their school reopens physical campuses.

Some universities have said they may lose their revenues if foreign students leave the country. However, Cuccinelli argued the rule will encourage schools to resume in-person classes.

“We’ll again encourage schools to reopen…I’m recognizing some of them are moving their start dates up, some of them are going to hybrid models, some online and some in-person,” he stated. “We’re trying to accommodate as many of those as we can while maintaining the protections for fraud and so forth that are necessary in any sort of international visa program.”

Cuccinelli added that student visas only allow them to attend classes and can not be used for an indefinite stay in the U.S.

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