Elizabeth Warren Blurs Out ‘Chinese’ While Responding to Trump’s Coronavirus Tweet

Senator Elizabeth Warren blurred out “Chinese” in a Thursday tweet criticizing President Trump’s response to the Wuhan coronavirus, following media claims that President Trump’s “Chinese virus” label is xenophobic and racist.

“President Trump, are your eyes stitched shut? Hospitals need test kits, ventilators, & other medical supplies,” Warren tweeted. “That’s why the DPA exists. Stop dragging your feet & burying your head & start helping hospitals that are about to be slammed by this pandemic.”

Instead of re-tweeting the president, she included a picture of his tweet from Wednesday with “Chinese” blurred out.

Trump told reporters Wednesday that “it’s not racist at all” to call the coronavirus the “Chinese virus.”

“It comes from China, that’s why. It comes from China. I want to be accurate,” Trump said. “I have great love for all of the people from our country, but as you know, China tried to say at one point — maybe they stopped now — that it was caused by American soldiers. That can’t happen, it’s not going to happen, not as long as I’m president.”

Multiple reports have detailed how the Chinese Communist Party gagged genomics laboratories that had realized in December that the coronavirus was related to the deadly SARS virus from 2002-2003. Beijing continued to claim that coronavirus could not be transmitted from human to human for weeks after evidence of that fact emerged.

China has started propaganda efforts to launch a “counteroffensive” to claim that the U.S. had started the virus.

Warren has struggled with identity politics in the past, after claiming Native American heritage through a family story and attempting to prove it through a DNA test — steps regularly used by scammers to steal federal contracts for minorities.

“When you still defend yourself by stating you believed what you heard growing up, you set a harmful example for these white people stealing Native identity and resources with stories very similar to your own,” more than 200 Cherokees and other Native Americans wrote to Warren in a letter last month.