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Phantom Galaxy looks more beautiful than ever in new photos

We don't know much about this space spiral.

The European Space Agency says that new images of the faraway Phantom Galaxy show a swirl of stars and light that looks like psychedelic art in "crystal clear" detail.

According to the agency that works with NASA on both telescopes, the Hubble and Webb Telescopes took photos of the center of the galaxy from 32 million light-years away. These photos are very cool and show how the universe works.

"The swirls of the Phantom Galaxy are beautiful no matter what time of day it is." Tuesday, NASA wrote in an Instagram post. "When the power of two space telescopes is added together, we can see more of the universe."

The ESA said Monday that the cutting-edge technology gives a high-definition look at its "fine filaments of gas and dust" and "a clear view of the nuclear star cluster at the center of the galaxy."

A combination image showing three different views of the Phantom Galaxy.
European Space Agency shared three different views of the Phantom Galaxy

One of the out-of-this-world pictures shows a glowing swirl that looks like tie-dye and has a blue color in the middle. Another one shows a rust-colored swirl with a lot of stars that shine.

The ESA wrote that the Phantom Galaxy, which has a mind-boggling 1 billion stars, is in a class called the "grand design spiral." This means that its "arms" branch out clearly from its center.

The lack of gas in the center of the galaxy also lets scientists see its core in a new way, according to the agency.

Scientists took pictures of the galaxy, which is called M74, to map 19 galaxies that are making new stars and learn more about the early stages of star formation.

A view of the Phantom Galaxy

An image of the Phantom Galaxy.

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