The health problems of the royals

Life is not always a dance of roses and it is no less true of royalty who often have to deal with more than just a heavy headdress.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana struggled with severe postpartum depression after the birth of Prince Harry. "I fought a lot of postpartum depression, which is something no one talks about. You had to read about it afterwards and it was very difficult in itself. A man woke up in the morning and did not want to go out. You felt like no one understood you and you were just very far down. This came as a big surprise as I had never experienced depression before, "said Díana in an interview in 1995.

Diana prinsessa með drengina tvo, Harry og Vilhjálm.
Princess Diana with her two boys, Harry and William.


Harry Prince

Prince Harry said he had become very mentally ill after the death of his mother. "I can say with some certainty that losing my mother at the age of twelve and having blocked my feelings for twenty years after that had a great impact on me. I was about to break down completely. ”His brother Vilhjálmur encouraged him to seek help and then he got out with boxing exercises.

Harry prins hefur verið opinskár um sína andlegu heilsu.
Prince Harry has been open about his mental health


Mette-Marit Princess of Norway

In 2018, Princess Mette-Marit of Norway was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, which causes unnecessary tissue formation in the lungs, which results in a reduction in the elasticity of the alveoli with associated breathing difficulties. It has had to be especially careful nowadays during the coronavirus epidemic, as it is at risk. She takes good care of her health, exercises and eats healthy food to maintain strength.

Mette-Marit er með lungnasjúkdóm.
Mette-Marit has lung disease.


Jóakim Danaprins

Jóakim Danaprins underwent surgery earlier this year due to a blood clot in his brain. The operation went well and he is feeling well, as the case may be. He has just returned from his duties at the Danish Embassy in France.

Jóakim fékk blóðtappa í heilann fyrr á árinu.
Jóakim had a blood clot in his brain earlier this year


Prince Daniel of Sweden

Prince Daniel of Sweden was born with kidney disease and had to have a kidney transplant in 2009. It was his father who gave him a kidney.

Daníel Svíaprins fór í nýrnaígræðslu.
Prince Daniel of Sweden underwent a kidney transplant.


Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie was born with scoliosis and had to undergo extensive surgery to correct it when she was twelve years old. Eugenie has been diligent in drawing attention to this issue and proudly showed her scar on the wedding day itself.

Eugenie prinsessa sýndi örið sitt með stolti þegar hún gifti …
Princess Eugenie proudly displayed her scar when she got married


Louise laughed

Louise, daughter of Prince Játvarður and Duchess Sophie of Wessex, was born with the eye disorder esotropia, which manifests itself in such a way that both eyes face inwards. She has had to undergo numerous operations to try to fix the problem.

Sophie hertogynja af Wessex átti lífshættulega meðgöngu og barn þeirra …
Duchess Sophie of Wessex had a life-threatening pregnancy and their baby was born prematurely and with eye problems.


Crown Princess Victoria

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden battled an eating disorder when she was younger. "It was a difficult time. I had to stop making such high demands on myself. I needed time to get my bearings and get to know myself. Know my goals, "said the princess in an interview in 2017.

Victoría prinsessa glímdi við átröskun.
Princess Victoria struggled with an eating disorder

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