Portland Police Identify Alleged Attacker Who Beat Truck Driver Unconscious

Portland Police on Tuesday identified a suspect in the brutal beating by Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters of a truck driver.

A crowd of rioters in downtown Portland beat a white man unconscious Sunday night after dragging him from his truck, video footage of the incident shows. Police identified 25-year-old Marquise Love as the man who delivered a running kick to the head from behind to the man, identified by his family as Adam Haner, as he sat in the street, having already been beaten by the rioters.

Police said Love was identified by multiple sources, including video of the incident, the New York Post reported. Police are now calling on Love to turn himself in. Haner has since been released from the hospital and is recovering, according to police.

The crowd surrounded the man’s white truck around 10:30 p.m. near where he crashed into a light pole downtown. At least one individual punched him as he sat inside before he was pulled out of the vehicle. The rioters forced him to sit in the street as he tried to answer a call from his wife.

One man in the crowd wearing a “security” vest, allegedly Love, delivered a kick to his head that appeared to knock him out cold and caused his head to bleed after it hit the street. The man sustained serious injuries and was transported to the hospital.

After the attack, the rioters can be seen going through the man’s truck, saying they are making sure it does not contain any “weapons.”

Video clips on social media appear to show the moments just before the attack, when the man attempted to help a person the crowd had previously robbed and beaten.

Later, police deployed a large law enforcement response and encountered “a hostile crowd.”

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