Gen. Mattis Urges People To Wear Face Masks

Former Defense Secretary General James Mattis has encouraged citizens in his hometown to continue wearing face masks amid the pandemic.

In a new public service announcement video, he urged those in Richland, Washington to continue taking precautions to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

During the video, he pulled down his bandana and addressed his audience as his “neighbors.” He has suggested mask wearing is “a community effort,” since the virus “won’t go away on its own.”

“It’s clear this little bugger is not going away on its own,” stated Mattis. “…We’re going to have to work together on this to get our friends and neighbors back to work.”

Washington’s Democrat Governor Jay Inslee issued a statewide order on Tuesday, which will require residents to wear facemasks.

This came after the state experienced an uptick in new cases.

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