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Multi-label classification is a generalization of multiclass classification, which is the single-label problem of categorizing instances into precisely one of more than two classes; in the multi-label problem there is no constraint on how many of the classes the instance can be assigned to.

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The dataset was used the first time for Multi-label Classification in [Gonçalves et al. 2013], and the original dataset can be found at the UCI repository. Foodtruck [Rivolli et al. 2017] : The food truck dataset was created from the answers provided by the 407 survey participants.

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The Extreme Classification Repository: Multi-label Datasets and Code; The Chars74K Dataset: Character Recognition in Natural Images and an associated Julia tutorial and Kaggle competition (I have no idea how "Google" crept into the dataset name) CUReT: The Cropped Columbia-Utrecht Texture Classification Dataset & Associated Filterbanks

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Jan 05, 2021 · Imbalanced classification are those prediction tasks where the distribution of examples across class labels is not equal. Most imbalanced classification examples focus on binary classification tasks, yet many of the tools and techniques for imbalanced classification also directly support multi-class classification problems.

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Hierarchical classification tackles the multi-class classification problem by dividing the output space i.e. into a tree. Each parent node is divided into multiple child nodes and the process is continued until each child node represents only one class. Several methods have been proposed based on hierarchical classification. Learning paradigms

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Multi-label characteristic of RSI has recently received more and more attention in RSI processing (Dai et al., 2018, Khan et al., 2019, Sumbul and Demir, 2019).In contrast with the above-mentioned single-label classification (Zhang et al., 2019c) in which RSI scenes are represented by only one label, multi-label classification means each instance is assigned to a set of target labels, in which ...

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Apr 27, 2021 · One approach for using binary classification algorithms for multi-classification problems is to split the multi-class classification dataset into multiple binary classification datasets and fit a binary classification model on each. Two different examples of this approach are the One-vs-Rest and One-vs-One strategies.

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