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How do I activate XVM?

To do this, go to the official XVM website and click on "Activate services" before running additional client.

1. Go to the official XVM website: ...

2. If you are not logged in on, you'll be asked to login.

[XVM Activation] How to enable XVM Network Services › forum › topic › 14190-xvm-activation-how-to-enabl...

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Is XVM allowed in WOT?

Players began asking for this capability almost as soon as World of Tanks was released. Now, thanks to XVM, it's available to everyone.

XVM mod for World of Tanks | Official Website › ...

Where can I download XVM?

The official website of XVM is located at The latest files are published on page download XVM. The newest versions of XVM always appear only here.

Where can I download XVM? | XVM Official Website › faq › where-can-i-download-xvm-and-xvm-stat

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