Top 10 Xbox Buttons But Using A Ps4 Controller On Pc Roblox of 2021


How do you change PS4 buttons on PC with Xbox buttons?

Please do the following:

1. If the game is running, exit the game.

2. In the Steam app, click Steam >> Settings >> Controller >> General Controller Settings.

3. Uncheck (that's correct; UNcheck) the option for PlayStation Configuration Support.

4. Launch the game. You should now see PS4 button hints.

I'm using a PlayStation controller but see hints for Xbox buttons (CG ... › en-us › articles › 360061344514-I-m-using-a-PlayS...

Can you use a controller on Roblox PC?

Roblox accepts input from USB gamepads such as Xbox and Playstation controllers. A game can support up to eight local controllers per client.

Gamepad Input - Roblox Developer Hub › en-us › articles › Gamepad-Input

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