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Need some new player info: Current "best" class if any? - Reddit

Jan 29, 2016 — So I'm currently installing wildstar for the first time. I've played WoW, Diablo 3, and SWTOR for a while, but I was really looking for ...What's the best Wildstar class? - RedditMay 10, 2014

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WildStar Free-To-Play: A Guide to Choosing Which Class to Play

Sep 29, 2015 — WildStar Free-To-Play: A Guide to Choosing Which Class to Play ... class to help you on your quest to find the class that's best for you.

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WildStar Class Overview Guide - What you need to know ...

Sep 30, 2015 — This guide will go over all WildStar's classes including: Basic Class and Path Info - What you need to know while in character creation. Warrior ...

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Looking for very good dps class :: WildStar General Discussions

Jun 9, 2016 — ho there, I'm wondering what class to pick since they all have dps capabilities, ... Stalkers are top dps right now, technically, at the top ...

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Which WildStar Class is Right For You? - IGN

Dec 11, 2013 — Now that all of the MMO's classes have been revealed, it's time to decide which one you'll use on Nexus.

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Wildstar Classes 2017 - WoW Classic Gold Farming Spots ...

In WildStar Online, players can choose from one of several classes when building their game ... Warriors are at their best when charging into the fray.

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Best Class w/ a Naga? - WildStar - GameFAQs - GameSpot

For WildStar on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Best Class w/ a Naga?".

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WildStar PC Beginner's Guide: What Class to Play ... - USgamer

Jun 5, 2014 — WildStar's Stalker is the Rogue class, dealing in all the sneaknasty action you'd ... so you want to save your strongest abilities for then.

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WildStar Esper DPS Guide | GuideScroll

A lot of people argue you should get this skill later on but I think it is best for players to understand how the class is going to feel and play out at an ...

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Class | Official WildStar Online Community | Fandom

A character's class is what defines his or her basic play style, the type of weapon they use, and what armor they wear. In WildStar Online, players can ...

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Character boost guide - Official WildStar Wiki

As seen at the top of the screen, there are several steps to the process: Experience, Race, Class, Path, Customize, and Finalize.

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WildStar DPS Engineer: Best In Slot Pre Raid Gear - Ten Ton ...

Sep 23, 2014 — Engineers are one of WildStar's most powerful classes. Despite being a Tank, their damage output is enormous. Although the new patch (Drop ...

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Wildstar “official” forums: Best of the class forum posts & guides

Jul 13, 2014 — Wildstar “official” forums: Best of the class forum posts & guides ... the initial gear and rune recommendations should still be current.

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Builds - Wildstar Life

Knock em down, Aoe on top of them with Telekinetic Strike. And Mind Burst for a finisher. Plus heal and CC. Has the best OTM skills for kiting.

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What is the best PvP class on Tera, Black Desert Online, Guild ...

What is the best PvP class on Tera, Black Desert Online, Guild Wars 2, or WildStar?3 answers  ·  2 votes: In Black Desert Online, I thought all the classes had great utility. I think the reasoning ...

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WildStar tips and tricks | Trusted Reviews

Jun 4, 2014 — WildStar's systems are fairly flexible and most classes will work ... you need to work out the best line-up for the current situation, ...

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WildStar - DevSpeak: Stalker Class for PC - Metacritic

Jun 3, 2014 — WildStar - DevSpeak: Stalker Class for PC: Learn about the Stalker class in this DevSpeak for WildStar. This martial arts master is an ... Rating: 82% · ‎52 votes

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WildStar reveals its final two classes: Medic & Engineer

More information on both classes is coming soon (December 11th), including a video on the new classes later today. The biggest phase of the WildStar beta is ...

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Patch 6.2 Class Representation, Tweets, Wildstar Cosmic ...

Aug 24, 2015 — now i know you don't work for blizzard anymore but can you explain why they seem so threatened by new mmos or expansions for current mmos ...21 posts  ·  There isn't any way to tell what spec is a character's primary spec.

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