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What does Nvidia DeepStream do?

NVIDIA's DeepStream SDK delivers a complete streaming analytics toolkit for AI-based multi-sensor processing, video, audio and image understanding. DeepStream is for vision AI developers, software partners, startups and OEMs building IVA apps and services.

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How do I use Nvidia DeepStream?


Install Jetson SDK components.

2. Install Dependencies. Install librdkafka (to enable Kafka protocol adaptor for message broker)

3. Install latest NVIDIA BSP packages.

4. Install the DeepStream SDK.

5. Run deepstream-app (the reference application) Boost the clocks.

6. Run precompiled sample applications.

Quickstart Guide — DeepStream 6.0 Release documentation › deepstream › dev-guide › text › DS_Quickstart

Is Nvidia DeepStream free?

Members of the NVIDIA Developer Program can get free access to download DeepStream 4.0. DeepStream 4.0 is also available as a container image from the NGC registry for GPU-optimized deep learning frameworks, machine learning algorithms, and pre-trained AI models for smart cities.

NVIDIA DeepStream SDK 4.0 Now Available › blog › deepstream-sdk-4-now-available

What is DeepStream app?

Application Architecture The DeepStream reference application is a GStreamer based solution and consists of set of GStreamer plugins encapsulating low-level APIs to form a complete graph. ... The Stream Muxer plugin (Gst-nvstreammux) to form a batch of buffers from multiple input sources.

DeepStream Reference Application - deepstream-app - NVIDIA ... › metropolis › deepstream › dev-guide › text › DS_ref_ap...

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