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Jennifer Mulhern Granholm (born February 5, 1959) is a Canadian-American politician, lawyer, educator, author, and political commentator serving as the 16th United States secretary of energy. A member of the Democratic Party, she was the 47th governor of Michigan from 2003 to 2011.

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chicago.suntimes.com › columnists › 2021/12/7Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to visit Fermilab ...

Dec 08, 2021 · Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm will visit the Braidwood Nuclear power plant and Fermilab in Illinois this week. ... For sports bettors, the virus is now a known unknown .

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www.whitehouse.gov › briefing-room › press-briefingsPress Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Secretary of ...

Nov 23, 2021 · Q Secretary Granholm, thanks so much for doing this. EIA says, domestically, we’re producing about 11 million barrels of oil a day on average. That’s down from 12 million in 2019, pre-pandemic.

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www.ft.com › video › 0172455b-1ad2-44b5-80ea-34b6Jennifer Granholm on the challenges of transition to cleaner ...

Oct 07, 2021 · Jennifer Granholm on the challenges of transition to cleaner energy sources. ... Do you think producers in the US should be doing more to increase production right now themselves?

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freerepublic.com › focus › f-newsGranholm Tells Oil Executives Crude Export Ban Is Off the Table

Dec 15, 2021 · Granholm’s comments represent the administration’s most definitive statement regarding the export ban, which had the potential to upend oil markets while discouraging domestic oil production. Granholm’s address to the council follows finger pointing over the issue of high gasoline and oil prices.

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www.sacbee.com › news › politics-governmentEnergy secretary touts Biden’s Build Back Better bill in CA ...

Dec 17, 2021 · Secretary Jennifer Granholm, after inspecting an array of solar panels and industrial-scale storage batteries, said the $2 trillion bill would help Biden realize his goal of building a carbon-free ...

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www.westernjournal.com › watch-bidens-energy-secWatch: Biden's Energy Sec Can't Answer the Most Basic ...

Nov 23, 2021 · Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm did not have an answer to a basic question someone in her position ought to know: How many barrels of oil does the U.S. consume per day? Gasoline prices are currently at a seven-year high , and the spike is a major component in the 6.9 percent inflation rate the nation is experiencing, the highest in 31 years .

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