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IF you don't care about preserving the values of your index, and you want them to be unique values, when you concatenate the the data, set ignore_index=True. Alternatively, to overwrite your current index with a new one, instead of using df.reindex(), set: df.index = new_index

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chemistry.stackexchange.com › questions › 33780Why does carbon monoxide have a greater affinity for ...

Jul 09, 2015 · Although CO has a much greater affinity for a ferrous heme than does O2 (by a factor of about 25,000), the affinity of CO for deoxyhemoglobin is only about 200 times greater than that of O2, which suggests that something in the protein is decreasing its affinity for CO by a factor of about 100.

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affinity-photo.en.softonic.comAffinity Photo - Download

Dec 07, 2021 · Affinity Photo is a professional image editing software comprising a large tool-set specifically designed for photography and creative professionals. The tool helps you edit and retouch pictures, create multi-layered full-blown compositions, and get loads more stuff done.

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www.nonprofitpro.com › post › what-does-thisWhat Does This Christmas Mean to You?

Dec 23, 2021 · What does this Christmas mean to you? If you stop and take the time to really focus, you may obtain a greater appreciation going into the holiday. Smile and share the joy of living with others. Strive to promote the concept of philanthropy, which is an idea, event or action that is done to better humanity.

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www.definitions.net › definition › SEXWhat does SEX mean? - Definitions.net

Definition of SEX in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of SEX. What does SEX mean? Information and translations of SEX in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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affinity-designer.en.softonic.comAffinity Designer - Download

Regardless of whether you use Affinity Designer for some of you work, or all of it, support for PDF, PSD, AI, SVG, EPS and Freehand files provides all the flexibility you need. With a host of features, including professional colour model support, real-time pixel preview, adjustment layers and a lot more, this software is highly suitable for ...

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www.affinitycuia.orgAffinity Credit Union - Building Better Lives! : Affinity ...

Affinity Credit Union: Building Better Lives. At Affinity, our mission is to “build better lives”, but what does that mean? As a credit union, our not-for-profit model allows us to truly focus on the best interest of our members and community, by offering lower loan rates, greater deposit yields and less fees than you’ll find at the megabanks.

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